Turkey - Istanbul/Alanya



In the fall of 2011 Rysensteen for the first time visited Cevre Koleji - an international private school, which is situated in the eastern part of the Turkish city of Istanbul. The Contact to the school was established through MUN - Model Unied Nations. At this visit we were able to seal a partnership agreement.

Cevre Koleji visited Rysensteen in March of 2012 with eight students and one teacher.

For the Z-classes the exchange trip, which took place in October of 2013, consisted not only of a visit to Cevre Koleji and the students' Home Stay with their Turkish "buddies" but also of a more sports oriented visit to Alanya, where the students are enrolled in a beach camp and are taught beach volley from elite-beach volleyball players.   

The class z2011 is well on their way with regional studies of Turkey and presents part of the result on their webpage - here.

The webpage of Cevre Kolejis can be seen here.