Warm-up GCP day

Clement Kjersgaard held a presentation for the students

On the third of October Rysensteen held a warm-up GCP day in collaboration with Clement Kjersgaard and Ræson for all of the second year classes. The day was a warm-up to the big GCP day on October 31st, where all of the students are taking part. Clement held a presentation under the theme "Der Untergang des Abendlandes" or “The Western Worlds Downfall” - with focus on the presidential election in the US, refugee challenges and the war in Syria. The presentation had anecdotes on Donald Trump’s absurd political activity, but first and foremost a deep concern on the development in the western countries’ collaboration and distrust in their politicians. Both the silence when Clement was speaking and the loads of reflecting questions from the audience, bore witness of a presentation that caught the attention of the students deeply. It was, it seemed, an acknowledgment that there are challenges that we cannot ignore. Opinions and action is needed if the crises Clement talked about is to be solved. After the presentation the students were asked to relate to potential solutions in groups. It was an engaged group work with lots of qualified proposals.