Conference with network of partner schools

On Friday the 5th of March, Rysensteen and our partnerschool in Massachusetts, Tabor Academy, arranged the second conference in our recently established network of partner schools, which have been given the name United Global Education Network, or just UGEN. No less than 15 partner school from all over the world participated in the conference.

At the conference, which was held via Zoom, we talked of the opportunities of letting the teachers in the network visit each other virtually and watch each other's classes in order to exchange pedagogical methods, ideas and inspiration across borders. Additionally, we planned future virtual collaborations between the students of the schools in the network.

See the pictures from the conference here.

We are looking forward to the future collaborations with:

Çevre College - Istanbul, Turkey

Colegio Estudio - Madrid, Spain

Dr. Nermien Ismail Language School - Cairo, Egypt

Escuela Normal Superior - Vicente Fatone - Bahía Blanca, Argentina

FMV Işik Schools - Istanbul, Turkey

Gymnasium no. 168 - St. Petersburg, Russia

Heinrich Heine Gymnasium - Dortmund, Germany

Inchang High School - Seoul, South Korea

Kasubi Parents Secondary School - Kampala, Uganda

Marshwood High School - South Berwick, USA

Project Rousseau - New York City, USA

Saandeepani Academy for Excellence - Bangalore, India

Tabor Academy - Marion, USA

University of Toronto Schools - Toronto, Canada

Zhejiang University High School - Hangzhou, China