Virtual conference with international network

Monday 31st of May, Rysensteen were pleased to co-host the third virtual conference with our network of international partner schools, called UGEN (United Global Education Network). The conference was co-hosted together with Tabor Academy, our partner school from Massachussetts, USA.

A total of 13 schools participated in the conference, which was held on Zoom. The central point of the conference was to compare and talk about our exam systems and the methods we use to assess and evaluate students in each country and school in the network. Furthermore, the talks centered around global competencies and how we assess and evaluate the students' acquirement of these throughout their years in school. It is our goal that we in the future might create a common system in the network for assessing and evaluating students' global competencies.

At the conference, we also followed up on the many collaborations we have seen between the schools in the network since our last conference and which we hope to have arrange more of after the summer.

A great "thank you" to all the participating schools:

Çevre College - Istanbul, Turkey

Colegio Estudio - Madrid, Spain

Escuela Normal Superior - Vicente Fatone - Bahía Blanca, Argentina

FMV Işik Schools - Istanbul, Turkey

Gymnasium no. 168 - St. Petersburg, Russia

Heinrich Heine Gymnasium - Dortmund, Germany

Inchang High School - Seoul, South Korea

Marshwood High School - South Berwick, USA

Saandeepani Academy for Excellence - Bangalore, India

Tabor Academy - Marion, USA

University of Toronto Schools - Toronto, Canada

Zhejiang University High School - Hangzhou, China