Merry Christmas


Dear friends and colleagues 

At Rysensteen Gymnasium - like all other schools – we look back on a 2021 where the challenges were enormous. Not least for the students. It has become clear to us that the students who started physically after the summer holidays - both second-year and third-year students - have had some academic shortcomings because of the lockdown. Students and teachers work every day with this challenge to make sure the students’ will reach their desired academic level. Likewise, many of our students have also experienced mental hardships during the lockdown and isolation from their peers. As a school, we have also tried to address this by facilitating many different social events and talking to the students about their challenges.

Reconstructing the sense of collectiveness and social unity has been very high on the agenda at Rysensteen. Both for the new and the old students. But also for the teachers.

We thus started the year with a 2-day seminar for all teachers with the theme "reconquering of general education (almendannelse)”. At this seminar, the teachers developed new projects that – after getting rid of the limitations imposed by the necessities of the Corona - focus on what we missed during the lockdown, and what we need to get back – or reconquer – in terms of the softer dimensions of education (democratic citizenship, social skills, mental wellbeing) that we in Denmark often refer to under the concept of general education (almendannelse)

The teachers will work on their projects throughout the year, and will in this way strengthen Rysensteen's work with general education in both the short and long term.

At the same time, we continue to collaborate with our 16 partner schools around the world. The limitations imposed by the Corona have opened for a magnificent virtual collaboration between school leaders, teachers and classes / students that would not have arisen without the challenges of the Covid physical meetings. But no cultural encounter can substitute the cultural encounter you can experience when being physically present. Therefore, we sincerely hope that all our 3rd year students will be able to embark on their global educational journey to their partner school this spring. As our Egyptian friends would say  - insha allah.

A huge thank you to EVERYONE who has worked hard to get the very best out of an incredibly challenging year at Rysensteen. A thank you to all our friends, partners, parents and alumni in boats and the rest of the world.

Really Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Gitte Transbøl, Principal and Anders Schultz, Head of the Global Citizenship Programme