In March 2014, seven teachers took off to go to Istanbul for five days to visit the partner school Cevre Koleji. The teachers wanted to expand the posibilities of the GCP-related activities in the city and therefore went to meet with different contacts all over town. Among others, the teachers spoke with young, politically active Turks and a danish journalist who told them everything about the political situation in Turkey.

At Cevre Koleji, the teachers got the chance to exchange ideas about the development of the Global Citizenship Programme with the school's international coordinator Nurhan Deniz and the GCP-responsible english teacher Banu Ince. They spoke about how Rysensteen had been such an inspiration when it came to the students' knowlegde on the Turkish society, identity and culture. At Cevre Koleji, the teachers are working on a similar project, where their students will get to work with the Danish society and culture as well. 

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