3c in Egypt

Currently, we are in Aswan on the Nile Cruise on our way to Luxor.
Up until now we have lived in Cairo with host family from a partner school in Egypt. It gave us a special cultural insight; We dressed according to their norms with veils, smoked their perfumed "shisha" and discussed widely different topics around the dinner table while we ate kushari. We have discussed the relationship between teacher and student - which, moreover, is much more strict and formal compared to Denmark - our food preferences, boyfriends and girlfriends, and how to be a good person according to one’s religion.

We have seen the pyramids. We have walked through Cairo, seen Tahir Plads, an old colony area, visited the Danish embassy, a mosque, and the coastal city of Alexandria.

Egypt is characterized by cultural differences and an extraordinary cultural heritage. For us it has been an unique experience to see – especially because of former classes in cultures. We have not only seen a culture and a country from the outside, but we have experienced it from the inside side. We have through discussion tried to understand each other's cultures. We have learned that you can first understand your own culture when you see it through the eyes of another culture. A perspective we would never have experienced, unless we had met our partner class through GCP.