3d in China

We are now sitting in a Shanghai restaurant and reflecting on the most recent, exciting days of cultural shock, enrichment of rich moments and challenges. We started in Hangzhou where we arrived after a turbulent flight to a lot of smiling Chinese faces. Then we waved goodbye to the well-known faces and deceived us with our partner students. At the host families we were offered chicken feet and cow-stomach that we received with an open mouth! Despite many misunderstandings, arm movements and cultural collisions, we gathered ourselves and ended up getting a wider horizon. We came close to the Chinese everyday lives of the chinese students who face a lot of other challenges than ourselves. For example, we experienced many moments understanding not just culture but for each other as individuals in a globalized world. After a successful stay with the partners, we waved goodbye on the bus, and went to Shanghai to experience a more structured cultural meeting. We arrived at a city full of lights, colors, shops and buildings. We could clearly from first sight see a city in constant development. The first evening we ate at a traditional Chinese restaurant and ended the evening with a trip down the bond. The last 2 days we have focused on producing our gcp video. We have spent a lot of time interviewing the various people in the city, including university students. So far, the trip has given us the feeling that we are largely Global citizens in a fast developing world, to take into account each other in order to achieve new levels of cultural understanding. Our last day will be tomorrow, where we all have to see the French concession and feel the missing of the safe framework in the Meat City. Bye for now
The globalized 3d