3e has returned home from Canada

It was almost like a moviescene, when the yellow school bus were ready in front of the airport to pick us up. Toronto welcomed us with heating temperatures and the sweat was running down our faces, but it ment nothing, because after to years of waiting for this trip, we were finally here. 

The bus stopped in front of University of Toronto Schools, our partnerschool, where several students and their parents were waiting to greet us. We all found our hostfamilies and our paths separated as we each went home with our host family. Lots of us started out this quality time by eating pizza Danes and Canadians together.

Out first day in Toronto started with a city walk in the neighbourhood of the school and a small trip to the colourful Kensington Market and a visit to one of the city's Community Centers. This visit got us thinking about the Danish welfare model compared to the Canadian, that even though statistically better then the American model, leaves a lot of responsibility to the individual.

Our trip have also included a short stay in cabins in the beautiful Canadian nature, a visit to the descendants of the original Canadian people and a baseball game. 

All in all it has been an amazing trip, where we have been me with nothing but hospitality. Now we are back home in Copenhagen and it was a bittersweet feeling saying goodbye after 12 days of intense community feeling and unity.

Hugs 3e