3s is home from Russia

”Russia Welcomes You!” it said on the sign with Danish and Russian flags welcoming us in the airport. The 25 students from Gymnasium 168 in Saint Petersburg were ready with families and friends to greet the excited Danish students from 3s. We got our first look at the city from the cars driving us home to our host families. 

For dinner most of us were offered blinis, sirniki, shchi or other Russian classics. After food the host students gave a tour to see the Neva River and the many city squares and churches. Already the first night none of us were in doubt that this would be a week rich on Russian culture and lifestyle. Our host families were proud to have us as guests and to show and share their country. Event though Russia is a country with a complex political structure and a complicated history, Russia is also a country full of life. It is a country with citizens who love their country and culture and who will show you with pride. As a tourist it is hard not too look at Russia with anything else than curiosity and a desire to experience it all.