Read about 3.c's trip to Egypt

The class of 3.C visited Dr. Nermien Ismail Language School in September, a long time partner school of Rysensteen in Cairo, Egypt, where we as Danes were allowed in close to the lives of the school’s Egyptian students.

When travelling in Egypt as a tourist, you get a grasp of the country’s tremendously interesting cultural history, which extents several thousand years into the past. Of course we experienced the pyramids of Giza, but also a wide variety of temples and graves around the Nile in Upper Egypt during our three-day cruise on the Nile.

One thing is to travel in Egypt as a tourist, though. Another is to live with an Egyptian family, living with their rules and norms – Because it is here that the true cultural experience hides. As you find a way to overcome the language barrier (it will arise, sometimes), you will discover that it can be fairly easy to have a conversation with e.g. your host family. I had an experience with a cousin of my host brother who I had dinner with. Despite the fact that my knowledge about soccer is limited, we used a conversation about soccer and PlayStation to build a bridge – a common ground – between the two of us, which eventually paved the way for a longer conversation about school, family and friends. When having a very concrete conversation like this, with an Egyptian, it might not necessarily be all the cultural terms from the GCP-program that sticks with you. But it is, after all, the essence of the GCP-program – being open towards other people – that enriches the cultural experience.

By Felix Wohlert 3.C