Five teachers went to Hangzhou in China to visit Rysensteens partner school Zheda Fu Zhong. One of the main puposes of the trip was to strenghten the social and acedemic relationship between the schools, and along with that, the visit also opened up to new perspectives on the future cooperation.

The first part of the teachers' trip was focused on meetings, cultural activities and participating in different classes at the high school. The teachers were warmly welcomed by the chinese partner school, and the principle of Zheda Fu Zhong showed great involvement in the development of the GCP-cooperation. The teachers discussed how virtual platforms would ease the communication between students from Denmark and China as they worked on common projects. Other than that, the meetings were also focused on the posibility of carrying out an innovative, cross-curricular student cooperation, where the danish and chinese students would work together in order to come up with a concrete plan of a sustainable and cheap solution of the problems with providing clean drinking water to a chinese village.