Argentina - Buenos Aires

Colegio Hans Christian Andersen

Partner school for the A-classes

One of Rysensteen's newest partnerships is with the Argentine school Colegio Hans Christian Andersen. 

Colegio Hans Christian Andersen is located in the Belgrano-neighbourhood of the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The school has existed since 1969 and now houses around 1200 students from elementary to high school. The school is named after the Danish author and its values are inspirered by his works' goal to create curiosity, learning and responsibility amongst the following generations. This relates to the school's main goal of creating indepent, reflected and responsible students.

In the autumn of 2022, a class from Rysensteen will visit Colegio Hans Christian Andersen for the first time.

You can read more about Colegio Hans Christian Andersen on their website.