India - Bangalore

Saandeepani Academy for Excellence

Partner school for the W-classes

In 2020, during the Covid-19-pandemic, we started a partnership with Saandeepani Academy for Excellence. Saandeepani became part of the virtual collaboration project UGEN (United Global Education Network) and contributed to the many virtual conferences on education and pedagogy across the world.

Now that it is once again possible to travel, we are continuing the partnership with Saandeepani, which has become the partner school for the W-classes - along with Fergusson College in Pune.

Saandeepani Academy for Excellence was established in 2011 and like Rysensteen has an international orientation. The school is located outside the city of Bangalore, which is the third most populous in the country and has acheived the nickname "The Silicon Valley of India", due to its role as the country's leading export of IT.

You can read more about Saandeepani Academy for Excellence on their website.