Spain - Madrid

Colegio Estudio

Partner school for the b-classes

The collaboration with the Madrid school Colegio Estudio was established through a parent of one of the students at Rysensteen. In August of 2011, the first class from Colegion Estudio visited Rysensteen. They stayed for 5 days in Denmark during which time they lived with our students. Shortly after the visit from Colegio Estudio, the first b-class from Rysensteen went to visit Madrid and Colegio Estudio. Here the students enjoyed homestay with their "buddies"

Since then, Rysensteen's students have enjoyed intense and positive intercultural experiences with our Spanish partner schools. In fact, sometimes the experiences have been so positive that some of the Danish students have decided to go to Spain on their own during their summer holiday to reunite with their Spanish "buddies".

You can read more about Colegio Estudio on their webpage.