India - Pune

Fergusson College

Partner school for the W-classes

The collaboration with Fergusson College in the big city of Pune, which is situated about 150 kilometers south-east of Mumbai, on the west coast of India, was established through contacts at the Institute of Cross Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen. In the fall of 2011 we sent a delegation consisting of teachers and administrative personnel to the school to establish an introductory contact. And in October of 2012 the collaboration deal between the two schools was finally sealed during a visit to India from our principal, Gitte Harding Transbøl. 

Fergusson College, that opened in 1885, and therefore is four years younger than Rysensteen, is part of a larger campus that also holds a university which is on the list of the top-10 of best Indian universities.

All through their three years of high school the w-classes study India and subjects related to India. And finally in the fall of their third year, the w-classes visit Fergusson College, many of the abovementioned industries and enjoy home stay with their Indian "buddies".   

You can read more about Fergusson College on their website.