3.A in Argentina on GCP exchange visit

Our GCP exchange visit in Argentina has given us the most intimate look into Argentine culture imaginable. Upon arrival at Buenos Aires, we went to a little hostel located in the neighbourhood of Palermo.

We started with a trip to the city center of Buenos Aires, where we saw the beautiful arquitecture that surrounds the famous Plaza de Mayo. From here, we explored the city streets, where we did interviews about the Argentinians' opinions on different global and local challenges. The next day included a museum visit, tango-dancing at a local tango-club and a dinner at one the city's many restaurants.

Our third day in Buenos Aires startet at the Danish embassy, where we were served a Danish-inspired breakfast and had a long and interesting conversation with the local Danish representative. Later, we visited the National Museum, where we had many opportunities of seeing which elements of their history are important to the Argentinians. The afternoon was spent exploring the city on our own, before  we were picked up by a night bus in the evening, whic took us to Bahía Blance - a smaller city, located seven hours south of Buenos Aires.

In Bahía Blanca, we had our first meeting with our Argentine hosts, who showed us around their school. That same day, we visited their sister-school - an agricultural school. Here, we had the chance to see their impressive school area and participate in cake-baking. In the evening, our hosts invited us to a special dinner, a true evidence of their hospitality.

The next couple of days, we will be staying in the homes of our Argentine hosts, before heading back to Denmark.