Germany - Dortmund

Heinrich Heine Gymnasium

For many years, the German-classes at Rysensteen have had a very special collaboration with our partner school Heinrich Heine Gymnasium in Dortmund.

The collaboration consists of an exchange visit, where a group of students from Rysensteen are visited by a partner class from Heinrich Heine Gymnasium in the autumn. Then, in the following spring the students from Rysensteen will visit the students from Heinrich Heine in Dortmund for a week. 

The two weeks of exchange will give the Danish students a special opportunity to practice their German and learn about what it is like to live as a teenager in Germany as well as what similarities and differences there are to their own day to day life. In this sense, the experience is similar to the GCP exchange visits in the students' third year, but the exchange with Heinrich Heine has a larger focus on the cultural exchange through the use and practice of the language.

Heinrich Heine Gymnasium is an international high school with over 800 students, which is located in the suburbs of Dortmund, Germany's seventh largest city.

Ask your German teacher to hear more about the exchange program.

Read more about Heinrich Heine Gymnasium on their webpage.