The first year students work with "Danishness"

At Rysensteen, we believe that the first point in a Global Education is to examine your own cultural starting point. As the culmination of the first year students first GCP-course about cultural understandings, the students were sent on a small trip to different neighborhoods in Copenhagen to exercise Local Citizenship and examine Danish culture. Here, the students asked themselves and each other questions such as "What is 'Danishness'"?, "How do the Danes see themselves?" and "How do the Danes see the world around them?". The trips worked simultaneously as an opportunity for the students to get to know their class mates in their new specialized study programme-classes.

The work resulted in the production of pamphlets and podcasts abouth Danishness. In the process the first year students made friends with their new classmates and reach conclusions about Danish culture and their own cultural starting point. Click on the links below to hear the students' podcast or see their pamphlet about Danishness in the posh neighborhood of Hellerup or in the multi-cultural neighborhood of Nørrebro:

Danishness in Hellerup - podcast

Danishness in Nørrebro - podcast

Danishness in Nørrebro - pamphlet