3.D & 3.U in New York on GCP exchange visit

Two of our third-year classes, 3.D and 3.U, have both recently gone on their GCP exchange visit to New York City.

3.D were originally supposed to go to China, but due to the pandemic had to change their destination to New York. Here, they spend the days exploring the chinese diaspora in Chinatown and visiting a high school in the diverse neighbourhood of Flushing, Queens. In groups they looked into the topic of equality of chinese-americans in New York.

3.U spent their trip visiting the Mission of Denmark to the UN, Columbia University and last but not least, Project Rousseau - an NGO that works with ensuring youths an education. Project Rousseau is one of Rysensteen's oldest and most important collaborators and we are very happy to finally be able to visit them again.