Cultural exchange trip to Brittany

I the first week of May, a group of second-year students from Rysensteen went on a cultural exchange trip to visit the partner-school Lycée Ernest Renan in the town of Saint-Brieuc, located in Brittany, France. The trip was the second part of an exchange program between Rysensteen and Ernest Renan, where each student gets a "buddy" from the other school, who you stay with and follow through the cultural meeting.

The trip included, amongst others, a trip to Mont Saint-Michel, where we went on a 10 kilometer hike through quicksand to reach the unique middle-age fortress surrounded by the tide. Even though the idea was at first met with skepticism, it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of the trip. Apart from this, we went sailing between small islands and biking through the idyllic French countryside. All of this, in rural areas we wound never have found, had we not been there with the locals.

The spare-time during the trip consisted of excursions with the French host families to, amongst many places, a festival, giant aquariums and the unique beaches that the area is famous for. We had a wonderful time arranging acitivies with and getting to know the hospitality and culture of the French students.