RysMUN 2022

After a long break due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, this year, we were finally able to once again host RysMUN for the entirety of our 2nd year students and the visiting students from our partner schools. This year, without Zoom, but in physical form.

MUN, which is short for Model United Nations, is a simulation of the UN's work. MUN-conferences are held all over the world and give students a unique look into international collaboration, diplomacy and compromise.

At Rysensteen, participating in the MUN-conference is mandatory for all of our 2nd year students. Here, the students - all dressed in accordance with the UN's dresscode - were spread out in the different committees (UNHRC, UNEP, DISEC and the Security Council) and debated relevant subject matter, such as the war in Ukraine and climate change. A small group of students also acted as press and covered the conference through photos, videos, interviews and press-conferences (watch their video-coverage of the conference below).

A team of proficient chairs from both 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students had prepared the tasks of the committees beforehand and were at helm of the  ensuing debates, while a team staff members, consisting of 1st year students, made sure the conference ran smoothly.

Furthermore, we were lucky to have several guests from abroad joining the conference. Rysensteen's students were joined by students from both our partner schools in Germany, France, Spain, Turkey and Croacia. It was wonderful to finally hear all the different languages being spoken in our school halls again and hearing the perspectives of the students of the parner school on the subject matter being debated is absolutely essential for a good RysMUN.

All in all, this year's 100% student-run RysMUN was a great success. We are already looking forward to RysMUN 2023!