3.Y in Boston on GCP exchange visit

Here's what the students from 3.Y write about their GCP exchange visit in Boston and Marion:

"On the trip to Boston, we saw and experienced a lot of things. On the very first night, we had our first meeting with American culture, when we went to an NBA-game and watched the Boston Celtics play the Detroit Pistons, which was quite a unique experience. We also had the possibilty to hear the Boston Symphony Orchestra play.

Apart from that, we had a lot of time to explore the city on our own, where we - amongst other things - walked the Freedom Trail through the city and learned about the culture and history, which means so much to the locals. Boston is a very diverse city with many different neighbourhoods, such as Chinatown and Littel Italy and you meet a lot of different people.

We were also lucky enought to be able to visit New York City and experience another American metropolis. Even though we unfortunately were not able to carry out the homestays, we still visited our partner school Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachussetts. There, we were welcomed by the very hospitable teachers and students of the school and we had the chance to try out their sports facilities and experience a marine biology class at the school - which was great, as the school also has the nickname "The School of the Sea"."