3.E in Toronto on GCP exchange visit

3.E has just returned from their GCP exchange visit to Toronto. Here are a few descriptions pf tjeor experiences with their host families both in and outside of Toronto.

"We are staying with the Chos, a family consisting of 17 year old Annalisa, 12 year old Alena and their parents, Rebekka and Peter. Rebekka is Chinese Canadian and Peter is Korean Canadian and we had a lot of good talks about Canadian identity, multiculturalism and diversity.

Yesterday morning we went to the Rexdale Alliance Church, where we participated in the sunday service. It was a very multicultaral gathering of peopleand the service was very touching and a big experience to take part in, as someone who isn't very familiar with going to church. Apart from the common church, the building also housed both a Cambodian and a Chinese church, both of which weren't as full as the common church, which added to the understanding of the local area as a very inclusive and open-hearted hope for citizens whishing to enhance the multiculturalism."

"Even though I consider my own family in Denmark nice and admirable, the Tabecks beat us by far on the "admirable-scale". Here, on Russel Hill Road, the Sunday morning activities aren't "snoozing" the alarm and watching TV on the couch, but running and violin practice. Fortunately, I wasn't dragged out of bed either, as the whole family is extremely hospitable and welcoming.

At the dinner table, not only my English skills but also my knowledge from Social Studies were tested, as we discussed the world order, economy and NGO-work. You could say I had a cross-curricular moment, when I had to google the translations of gross income, wealth distribution and tax relief, when we discussed different welfare models at the dinner table."

"My introduction to Canadian food has so far included barbeque, poutine and cinnamon rolls. Today, we had the honor of meeting the mother of the host family, Elke's, sister-in-law and the architect Allan, who has worked on several sky-scrapers in the Toronto sky-line. At the dinner table we had long and interesting talks about multiculturalism in Canada and Justin Trudeau.

Generally, it was a very exciting cultural meeting with a Latin American-Canadian multi-lingual family, who can speak in both Spanish, English, French, German and more."