Virtual conference with 13 partner schools

On December 11th, Rysensteen hosted a virtual conference with 13 of our schools from Korea, China, India, Russia, Uganda, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Argentina, Canada and the United States. At the Conference it was discussed how the school network can build on the virtual cultural understanding course that students from all partner schools participated in November. Many creative ideas were presented, including ideas on how to create a multilateral climate course with small documentary videos, to come on virtual visits to each other's cities and collaborate on Ted-talk based projects. The realizable ideas will be implemented in the network during the spring.

At the conference, it was also discussed how the network can move even closer together and learn from each other's ideas and practices at both the pedagogical, the academic, the school cultural and the managerial level. The basis for this exchange of ideas will be virtual conferences with teachers, leaders and students approx. every other month where one or more of the above topics are discussed. In this way, the network hopes to take the first step towards establishing a global, school think tank.

This conference expanded on the virtual collaboration between our students and the students from our partner schools we did in November. The collaboration also proved to be a big success with our partner schools and both our Spanish partner, Colegio Estudio, and our Chinese partner, Zhejiang University High School, has written updates about it on their websites, which you can see by clicking the links below:

Colegio Estudio

Zhejiang University High School

Participating schools

We look forward to the future work in the network with:

Inchang High School, South Korea

Zhejiang University High School, China

Saandeepani Academy for Excellence, India

Gymnasium 168, Russia

Kasubi Parents Secondary School, Uganda

Çevre College, Turkey

Dr. Nermien Ismail Language Schools, Egypt

Colegio Estudio, Spain

Escuela Normal Superior, Argentina

University of Toronto Schools, Canada

Marshwood High School, USA

Project Rousseau, Mentorship NGO, USA

Tabor Academy, USA