Visit from our Chinese Partner School

3d has just had a successful revisit from our Chinese partner school, 浙大 附中 (ZhèDàFùZhōng). The guests have experienced the everyday life at Rysensteensgade Highschool and participated in professional discussions about the UN's world goal number five about gender equality in China, Denmark and Rwanda. There was also time for pilot interviews, canal tours, Tivoli and community dining at Absalon.

The Chinese teachers were Mr. Xǔ 许明勇 (Xǔ Míngyǒng) and Ms. Lú 卢蓓蕾 (Lú Bèilěi) and also Ms. Dài 戴 滟 滟 (Dài Yànyàn), who will probably teach 3d calligraphy when we visit the school in Hangzhou in September.